Sunday, April 22, 2012

Highlights of the 2012 race

Emma Barclay finished in 2nd place for the third time

Kevin Tilton ran a record 8th time under 60 minutes with his third win in 59:13

Tim Van Orden ran the 30th fastest time and the 12th fastest person while smashing the 40+ age group record in 59:29

Age Groups

Tim Van Orden and Todd Callaghan both broke Dan Verrington’s 40+ course record from 2005 (1:01:27) running 59:29 and 1:01:26 respectively.

Michael Cusson ran the 10th fastest 50+ time.

Jeff Saeger ran the 3rd fastest 60+ time.

A record 6 finishers in the over 70 age group!

George Gilder and Gary Reuter both broke Richard Busa’s 70+ record running 1:34:11 and 1:37:58.

Richard Busa became the oldest finisher setting a new standard in the 80+ age group.

On the women’s side Micheala Moran set a new course record in the 19 and under breaking the old record by 3:30 running a 1:25:34

Kathleen Furlani set a new 60+ record (by over 4 minutes) with a 1:39:31

Robin Allen-Burke ran the 9th best 50+ time

Single age

Michaela Moran (17) was 20 minutes under the old single age record and also set a new 19-and-under age group record running 1:25:34

Robin Allen-Burke set a new age 51 record by 4 minutes in 1:33:22

Kathleen Furlani set a new age 63 record, became the oldest female finisher and also set a new CR in the 60+ by 4 minutes running 1:39:31

Andy Scott broke the age 21 record by 6 minutes with a 1:03:21

Todd Callaghan ran one second under the age 42 record and ran the 2nd fastest 40+ time ever with his 1:01:26

Tim Van Orden set an age 43 record by 1:58 and was 2 minutes under the 40+ age group record with his 29:29
Jeffrey Saeger ran 12 minutes under the age 62 record running 1:18:07

Karl Furstenberg ran 10 minutes under the age 67 record with his 1:25:36

Ted Ridout ran 1:30 under the age 69 record with his 1:45:19

Geroge Gilder was 11 minutes under the age 72 record and 4 minutes under the 70+ age group record with his 1:34:11
Gary Reuter ran 4 minutes under the age 73 record with his 1:37:58

Ed Kirby broke the age 75 record by three minutes in 1:45:57

Richard Busa lost three single age records, but became the first 80+ finisher with his 2:23:33 at age 82.

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