Tuesday, April 12, 2022

2022 update - All time lists have been updated

Notes: 2022 was the 30th running of the Merrimack River trail race.  Conditions were ideal with temps approaching 50 degrees under cloudy skies with no wind.  The course was in great shape despite the heavy rains on Friday.
Records set:
Paul Funch set a new 70+ age group record
Jeff Walker set a new 55-59 AGR
Aldo Cossi set a new 65-69 AGR (3rd fastest 60+)
Adam Malek set the RI state record
Single age records were set by Brandon Newbould (40), Jeff Walker (56), Dave Dunham (58), and Stephen Whittey (65)
Others of note:
David Achenbach & Tim Van Orden joined the 100 mile club with their 10th finishes
Streak leaders Dave Geary (19) and Paul Comeau (13) kept STREAKING
Jesse Young won in 58:14 which is the 17th fastest ever and the best time since 2016
Kassandra Marin became the fourth woman to win the race two or more times
Not quite a record but impressive:
Brightman, Swenson, and Johnson ran the 4th, 5th, and 6th fastest times in the 50-54 age group
Dunham ran the 3rd fastest in the 55-59 age group
Whittey ran the 3rd fastest in the 65-69 age group
Julie Craig ran the 2nd fastest in the 55-59 age group
Christine Crowley ran the 4th fastest in the 50-54 age group
For a deeper dive.  All of the information you could want (and more) are in the all-time lists.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

All-Time river stats

 Everything you want to know about the Rivah!  (and more)

Really, pretty much everything about the race from 1992-2022.  All of the top times by each age group, streak runners, who won, how many finishers, etc.

If there is a stat you want it is here.  If it isn't here, let me know and I'll figure it out!

Everything about the River

Saturday, October 2, 2021

2021 Merrimack River trail race results

The final Merrimack River trail race was held on 10/02/21.  Results can be found here.

Congratulations to our our champions Jacob Wormald and Freddi Triback!

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Updated Pre-registered list - as of 08/05/21

David Achenbach
Lara Allison
Brian Anderson
Maureen Appleyard
Galen August
Raymond Boutotte
Eric Bowden
Sam Brelsfoard
Steve Brightman
Laurie Brown
Todd Brown
Joan Butterton
Ken Cain
Robert Carter
John Carton
Rick Chalmers
Richard Colson
Robert Colson
Carol Comeau
Paul Comeau
Tom Courtemarche
Ted Cowles
Lisa Daab
Mark D'Amato
Steve Delahunty
James Demer
Tom Dolan
Christin Doneski
Ryan Dupuis
Susan Ekstrom
Donald Fay Jr.
Chris Feder
Lila Gaudrault
Rich Georato
Beth Goulet
Paul Grant
John Hadcock
David Hager
Chris Harrison
Jeff Hixon
Jamie Howard
Timothy Irish
Gibby Jasper
Gary Jewett
Chris Johnson
Julie Jones
Jim Keough
Walter Kuklinski
Rich Lally
Jim Lamothe
Matthew Lamothe
David LaPorte
Sau-Mei Leung
Earl Littlefield
Michael Luebeck
Hal Mackins
Kassandra Marin
Tom Mitchell
David Morang
Bill Morse
Ernest Mulani
John Mulroy
Keegan Murphy
Leslie O'Dell
Emer O'Donoghue
Sharon O'Grady
Andrew Page
John Paquet III
Robert Parent
Thomas Parker
Chris Pasko
Sean Patten
John Poelker
C.T. Ransdell
Gary Reuter
Allison Richards
John Robertson
Nesrin Sebil
Matthew Shapiro
Robert Simeone
Ray Sims
Christopher Smith
Brian Sosa
Michael St.Hilaire
Judy Tasker
Tara Towle
Freddi Triback
Janice Villali
Jeff Walker
Peter Wasylak
Stephen Whittey
Jacob Wormald
Kelley Zepf
Molly Zytkovicz
Mark Zytkovicz

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

2021 pre-entrants (carried over from 2020)

 Pre-entrants for the Merrimack River trail race (as of 07/31/21)

David         Achenbach
Lara                Allison
Brian         Anderson
Raymond Boutotte
Sam                 Brelsfoard
Steve         Brightman
Laurie         Brown
Todd         Brown
Joan                 Butterton
Ken                Cain
John         Carton
Rick         Chalmers
Richard         Colson
Robert         Colson
Paul                 Comeau
Tom         Courtemarche
Ted                 Cowles
Lisa                 Daab
Steve         Delahunty
Tom         Dolan
Christin         Doneski
Donald         Fay Jr.
Chris         Feder
Beth         Goulet
Paul             Grant
John         Hadcock
Jeff                 Hixon
Jamie         Howard
Timothy         Irish
Gary         Jewett
Jim                 Keough
Walter         Kuklinski
Rich         Lally
Jim              Lamothe
Matthew         Lamothe
David         LaPorte
Earl                 Littlefield
Michael         Luebeck
Hal                 Mackins
Kassandra Marin
David         Morang
Ernest         Mulani
Emer         O'Donoghue
Sharon         O'Grady
Andrew         Page
John         Paquet III
Robert         Parent
Thomas         Parker
Sean         Patten
John         Poelker
Allison         Richards
John         Robertson
Matthew         Shapiro
Christopher Smith
Brian         Sosa
Michael         St.Hilaire
Tara                 Towle
Janice         Villali
Peter         Wasylak
Jacob         Wormald
Molly         Zytkovicz
Mark         Zytkovicz